Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chook Scraps Survivor and more.

Have you heard about the Chook Scraps Survivor Challenge yet?? There are well over fifty scrappers taking part in it. It is based on the TV show Survivor - we have to vote people out after each round of entries - this could get quite scarey!!! You can find more information here;
Anyway the first challenge is a sketch challenge, I sat down last night to actually do some of it and all I got done was that I printed off the photos that I think I am going to use. . . . . well it's a start.
Jodi, Aidan and Joshua came over yesterday afternoon - Aidan saw the huge stuffed Dragon that I won at the Perth Show and he thought it was fantastic. It is about the same size as he is (Aidan is two) and is bright red. I am going to have to get some photos of the boys with it. Although Aidan didn't understand it was a Dragon - to him it is a "Din - o - sores". It should make a great Layout.
Well Nanook has finally settled down for the moment - poor boy he doesn't know what is going on - both Sharnii and little Tiara came into heat within a week of each other, so we have been playing musical dog - swapping them around here there and every where to keep them apart. Not to mention that Nanook had a trip to the vet in this time and had to get some lumps cut out of his "male lumps". Even though he has five or so stiches in a tender area - he still wants to use it!!!!!!
I have made some little pants for both Sharnii and Tiara to wear around inside the house - as you can imagine it can get a bit yucky with two girls on heat (it even gets gross with just one on heat!!). The girls do look cute in their little panties - maybe a photo is in order???
Tom - Adrian's father rang up last night. He was telling me about his house, after years and years of living in it he and Peta (Adrian's sister) have decided to do it up. They have had new screens put on, a new patio, new renavations done in the bathroom and toilet and new paint - but I don't think it is going to stop there - the kitchen is next. I don't think Adrian and I will recognise the house when we eventually get over to Queensland for a hoilday.
My Mum and Dad away from home again - this time they are in Townsville visiting my three very cute nieces - oh and my Brother and Sister-in-law too!!!! Michael (my brother) and Louise (my sister-in-law) took off to Cairns for a week with Jordan (the youngest girl) and Mum and Dad looked after Jasmine and Elana. I think they all enjoyed themselves.

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Michael said...

Yep, had a good time with out the two little Bratz. Louise is going on a cruise with her sister next year, so Mum and Dad will come up again to help me look after them or I might go down.