Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fantasy Park and the Beach ... all in one day!

After a pretty quiet stay at home Easter we decided to take the girls and their bikes to Fantasy Park yesterday. The girls decided to try and swap bikes, Paige was too small for Bronte's bike and Bronte's legs were too long for Paige's...but they still gave it a go.

Well not that much bike riding happened, but lots of loud screams and giggles while they played around the many interesting items and creatures of the park.

After the play in the park we took a scenic route home and drove past the beach....a few pleas later from Bronte and we had stopped so that they could have a swim. The water was way too cool for me and Adrian, but the girls loved it.

I can't wait to print off this photo and scrap .... even have the title worked out...
"Beach Bums"

Off to print off some photos now. :)

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