Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blind Scrap

During the Cybercrop at Mystical Scrapbooks last week-end Donna posted a Blind is a set of instructions that you have to follow without seeing the final layout. I hadn't done a Blind Scrap for ages so thought that I would do it....but I ran out of time before Friday so I did it today. I used the only 5x7 inch photo that I had laying around - one of Paige when she was a baby.

Baby Love

Upon seeing this layout Bronte got all sooky and asked why I always scrapped Paige and not her.....well I just grab one random album from the shelf and sat with her going through it....every second and third page was....Bronte. I just explained that I was trying to catch up with some of Paige's as I had two and a half wonderful year of scrapping her before Paige was born. She was happy with that. Phew. 

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