Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Counterfeit Kit Challenge

When I saw the May Counterfeit Kit Challenge I got very excited, my sort of kits - the colours and the embellishments. I was in heaven. I had a stack of things I had to get done today so I knew I wouldn't get to it until this even. So once the kids were tucked up in bed I headed to my scrapping area to pull my kit. I told myself that I would only do the main kit.....ha! Who was I kidding. The Kits this month are by Leonora at Crafty Templates.

The Main Kit

My Main Kit

These are the papers that I have pulled (sorry for the dark photo it is late at night here)
I know I have almost tripled what was in the original kit, but I did try to stop. I know I used to have the purple bokeh paper but I couldn't find it so I replaced it with the cut apart sheet that does have the purple bokeh on just can't see it in the photo. All the teal colours in the top left of the photo are in there as I couldn't decided which I wanted to replace the teal dotted paper. I also put two pinky/orangy papers in as I had nothing like the paper in the original kit and two black and white papers to make up for the bold black and white paper in the main kit.  

These are my embellishments for the main kit - Two sets of chippy alphabets...because one is never enough, paper flowers, flairs, gold thread and gold ribbon. I didn't have any thick black ribbon so I have added the black velvet paper (under everything else) and I plan on cutting it into strips that same thickness of the ribbon. Last but not lease I included the two triangle stamp rollers as I had nothing at all like the "V" brackets around the pink sticker thing.

The Lite Kit

My Lite Kit

I tried to stick to what was in the kit but I couldn't make out what the first bit of paper was so I added in the world paper, I thought it was similar in colour...but in the photo it looks complete different. I added a few different cut a part sheets that I thought would match, a flora paper and some dots and triangle papers. I forgot the alphas!!! I added some coloured chipboard pieces and a metal dangly thing to take the place of the clips. So my Lite Kit is similar but not perfect.

The Original Embellishment Kit

My Embellishment Kit

When I looked at all the embellishments I saw gold, black and splashes of colour so I started riffling thought my stash and grabbed anything similar. I think I really loaded up on the embellishments but I am super excited to be working with this kit.
Now make sure you pop back in to see what I create with my Counterfeit Kit for May.


LCSmithSAVED said...

Awesome! And WOWWA - you were FAST :)
I could definitely enjoy crafting with this kit.

Julene Matthews said...

Tracey, you've nailed it! The kit you produced is almost a duplicate. Enjoy yourself this month and it is great to see you here.

Jimjams said...

WOW - fast work - and you've made a brilliant set of counterfeits here!

Maureen said...

Love it! And I pulled out that very same "Take Flight" badge. hilarious!

Chidkid said...

That's a really good looking forward too seeing what you come up with.

Susan said...

You definitely captured the feel of the inspiration with both your papers and embellishments. I'm also fascinated by that roller stamp - I have one but have never used it so I'll be checking back to see what you did with it.

Susanne said...

You've done a good job of balancing imitation and innovation. Nice job, great kitting.

kate blue said...

love this-it was all about being inspired! Great papers and love the butterflies (something I forgot in mine)

sassyscrapper said...

Boy, were you ever inspired! I added the same bokeh beach paper to my kit as well! Hope it was fun month!