Sunday, April 02, 2017

Mystical Scrapbook Competition

I thought I would share my final layouts that I created for the Mystical Scrapbooks Around Australia Competition. I really enjoyed the challenges and sticking to the criteria for the completion really pushed me to my limits at time.

Week 5 - Tasmania

Panda Love

The criteria for week four was to use old and new items, paint and ripped paper.

Week 6 - Queensland

Wombat Love

The criteria for week five was to use the colour scheme green, blue and white, to sue stamps and the white leaves from the Travel Pack.

Week 7 - Australian Capital Territory

7th Birthday

The criteria for this week was to use the Parliament house as inspiration, use a template/stencil and to use the tags from the Travel Pack. Sorry for the poor photo I took it at night.

Week 8 - New Zealand


The inspiration for this week was to use a photo of yourself, twine from the Travel Pack and scrap about an adventure.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the girls at Mystical Scrapbook for the completion and no matter who wins it was a wonderful way to get 8 fantastic layouts done.




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