Monday, November 01, 2021

November Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop Reveal

 Hello everyone and welcome, hopefully you have found your way to my blog from Tara's on your Counterfeit Kit Club Blog Hop November Reveal?? If not I have popped a Master List at the bottom of this page so you can check out all the other Master Forgers Blogs to see their incredible take on this months Kit.

This months kit picked by the lovely Lisa is the September 2021 Felicity Jane Kit - Emily, you can find the preview of the kit on the Felicity Jane site by clicking on the link. Lisa loved the warm and cosy Autumn feel.

Here is a photo of the kit that I used for my inspiration:

I was drawn to the colours in the kit this month, the warm mustards contrasting the subtle pinks with the pop of dark blue. So the colours were the main thing I was thinking of when I pulled my papers. I actually didn't have any papers that were identical to the ones in the Emily kit, but you know what, that doesn't matter as it is about using my my mammoth stash and using what I have on hand.

Here is my kit all together, you can see the similarities in the colours and some patterns. I am pretty happy with how it has come together.

After I pulled the papers I went to work on the embellishments. Finding some cards to substitute the Library Cards in the Emily Kit, some pockets that I felt represented the pinafalls that the girl is wearing in the drawing, I has some cardboard flair that were similar in colour so these got popped in straight away. The paper that you can see with the tape and words on it I have substituted for the sticker word sheet in the original kit I thought I could cut these out to use like I would the sticker sheet. 

More embellishments that I added were label stickers, chipboard titles and die cuts all with similar colour. This month I have not identified a theme to run with, which is a bit unlike me, so time will tell if this works when it comes to opening up my range of scrapbooking topics. 

Master Blog Hop List to follow along with:

You have now come to the end of November's Blog Hop, I hope that we have inspired you to put your own counterfeit kit together from your stash. Don't forget to come back to the Counterfeit Kit Blog on the 2nd to get Lisa's rundown on just the "Gist of it" her breakdown of the monthly kit. 

Thanks for stopping in and I can't wait to see what you all come up with.



Friday, October 01, 2021

October Counterfeit Kit Challenge Reveal Blog Hop

 Hello and Welcome to the October Counterfeit Kit Club Challenge Blog Hop and I am the host this month so I had a blast searching the internet for the perfect kit, one that would challenge me, one that I loved and one that would be fun to pull together from my kit. Which lead me to find the Hip Kit Club kit for May 2021. Colour and fun in one lovely bundle. 

As you are here on my blog hopefully you found your way from Tina's Blog. I will post a master list at the bottom of this post so you can journey on your way to Cindy's Blog (who is next on the list) or if you found your way here accidentally then start at the top of the master list and work your way through the great reveals.

Here is the Hip Kit Club kit for May. It is lovely - what caught my attention to this kit is that colourful world map pattern paper in the center, I see it an think of all my travel layouts and I must admit I know that I had it in my stash but had not used it yet.... so felt like I was winning before I even started to pull my kit. :) 

So on to my kit..... after pulling the colourful world map from my stash I used it as inspiration to have the colours of the kit in hand and refer too. 

I pulled my papers first looking for soft rainbow colours. When pulling my papers I realised that I actually had more of the patterned papers that are in the Hit Kit Club kit than I knew, it must e why I was attracted to this kit so much, it is along the lines of what I am usually drawn to and use to scrap. Having the same papers as is in the kit made it easy to put my papers together, I just had to add a few florals, some blues in light and dark, a pink pattern and rainbows to the group.

My embellishments were next; labels, stickers, gold frames, colourful titles and enamel dots and hearts all called my name and I felt worked perfectly to compliment the original kit.  A few close ups below to see the full range of what I added.

I really love how my kit has come together this month and am looking forward to using it and seeing what you all come up with. We've got another full month of fun for you, so make sure you pop back in throughout October for challenges and inspiration.  Here is what the month will look like:

  • 2nd October: Just the Gist of It - to help you find an easy way into creating your kit 
  • 4th October: Forgery on the Fourth - Master Forgers share simple ideas for creating kit elements 
  • 6th October: Mini-kit Reveal and Project Showcase - inspiration for a smaller kit or project idea 
  • 12th & 18th October: Challenges #1 & #2 - to inspire you to get creating from your own kit 
  • 24th October: Follower Showcase - who has caught our eye this month 
  • 31st October: Killing Kits - an idea or two for using up the bits & pieces left in your kit box

 We always love to see your work, so please share your kits and projects with us. Post them in our Facebook Community, or share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcoctober2021).

 Thanks so much for stopping by! We can't wait to see your kits and projects this month!

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

September Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop

Hello Counterfeitters. I am back, I missed the August Blog Hop as I was hand raising a litter of malamute puppies which required 2 hourly bottle feeding, but I am back this month and what a great inspirational month to come back to the kit picked this month is the min kit from


"Vivid" Paper:

  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Amy Tan-Late Afternoon "Make a Wish"
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Amy Tan-Late Afternoon "Free Spirit"
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Amy Tan-Late Afternoon "Warm & Cozy"
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Heidi Swapp- Old School "Summerland"
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Simple Stories-SN@P! Basics "Walnut/Cream Dot" 
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Heidi Swapp- Old School "True Blue"
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Elle & Viv- Oxidation "7" (single sided)
  • 1 piece 12x12 paper- Echo Park- Witches & Wiards "Letters"
"Vivid" Embellishments:

  • Crete Paper "Magical Forest" Puffy Alpha Copper Foil Stickers-14 pieces
  • 1 NJFB 3" x 4" Exclusive "Vivid” Stamp Set- 13 stamps
  • 1 Amy Tan-"Late Afternoon" Ephemera Pack- 40 pieces
  • 1 Jar NJFB "Vivid" Pearl Mix
  • 3 Yards "Vivid" Trim (1 yard each of 3 colors)
  • 1 Pack of NJFB Exclusive Acrylic Embellishments and 3 Mini Tassels  
  • 24 "Vivid" Textured Buttons
  • 1 “Tree Slice” cardstock cut by Sophie Gallo

 The Guest Designer for Septembers Counterfeit Kit is Lori Gaines

This kit was a good welcoming back for me, it got me thinking a bit, it really isn't my style of kit, too masculine for my usual scrapbooking subjects and not bright colours that I love to create with. I decided to start with the papers in the kit and spend a long time trying to find similar colours and styles but unfortunately I didn't have much luck. I then decided to use just the Side Bs of the patterned paper in the kit and pick one paper from the Side As to help me focus.

The top photo is my papers I picked, you can see I focused on similar colours for this kit only, I didn't even look at the patterns in the (Not) Just for the Boys Kit as I had already struggled trying to find papers that looked similar to the Side As I was already worried abut my kit. When I switched to focus on just the Side Bs I discovered there was quite a lovely range of colours that would suit my scrapping style so I was more comfortable with them and found it easier to put my kit together.
If you struggle to find inspiration from the Counterfeit Kit for the month try and focus on just one colour, one element or to cut the kit in half and concentrate on just half of it. Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming.

You can see in my photo of the papers I picked that I have added a couple of extra papers (the large dots and checks) I threw these in the end as I thought the colours complimented the ones I had already.

Now that I was happy with my papers I need to concentrate on the rest of the (Not) Just for the Boys Kit, I kept looking at these two photos (above) then looking at the papers I had picked, feeling that my kit was no way looking anything like the inspirational kit. Now we all create kits differently, we all see different inspiration and we all end up with individual kits but usually my kits I feel look similar or fall under the same theme of the inspirational kit. Not so much this month..... yet!!
With the two photos above, how could I pull my kit back in line with the inspirational kit?? The browns and wood grain is what drew my attention - right lets add some dark brown wood grain!!

I found these papers in my stash and added them to my other papers.

My next task was to look at the embellishments in the (Not) Just for the Boys Kit, I could see die cuts, tags/cards, frames, gold alphas, buttons, trim, wood gain heart and a wood/tree grain cutfile, then it kind of had a theme of homeliness and woodsiness to it, with the jumper/sweater, coffee cups and foliage. So a bit to think about and to work with, with these items in my head I go to work rummaging through my stash.

Here are my embellishments that I came up with; wood grain butterflies (so happy when I fund these), die cuts with a homey feel but have some foliage in there too, gold alphas which lead me down the path of gold stickers and gold frames. At the last moment I noticed that there were some small white tassels in the inspirational kit so I threw in some tassels into my kit. 

Here is my finished kit (sorry for the glare, it's late at night and I can't get a good photo without a light on). I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out and am excited to start using it. 

Here is the Master List for the Blog Hop for you to continue your journey.

Don't forget to pop back in for Forgeries on the Fourth and our challenges throughout the month.


Sunday, August 29, 2021

Bee Arty Catch-up

 Hello everyone just doing a quick catch-up of all my latest creations using the wonderful Bee Arty products. As you know I am on the Creative Team and do all my blogging on the Bee Arty Blog page but every now and then I try and post it all here too so I have it in one place. If you want to see the step by step process for these layouts then just click on the link on the title of the layout and it will take you to the Bee Arty Blog where I have shared them.


Your Wings

Together with You

Thursday, July 01, 2021

July Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop

 Hello crafty people and welcome to the July Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop, this month is an exciting month as we say hello to some new Master Forgers..... who you may ask? Well ... hopefully you noticed them on the blog hop journey, if you didn't as you started halfway through the hop or on my page then I have popped up a master list of the blog hop at the bottom of this post. You have to follow along with the hop to discover the new Master Forgers, make sure you say a welcoming hello to them. 

The kit for this month is the Paper Person April 2021 kit - "Episode" the kit club is run by Kelly Purkey, her kits are tiny but cute. 

Here is the promotional image of the Episode kit that I have used for my inspiration as I rummaged through my stash. 

What inspired me? The first thing I noticed that when I looked at the image was the flick of the darker blue in the kit, then I saw the teals/greens and a touch of other colours. The paper in the bottom right hand corner caught my eye and made me think of confetti or sprinkles. 
Looking at the embellishments I thought small and cute. 
Then I noticed the stamps - TV viewing (that's when I also noticed the TV image on the paper in the bottom left) soooooo this kit has a theme after all. Which I know I don't have anything of to fit.... I see a forgery for the fourth coming up!! 
Below are my patterned papers that I pulled for my kit - I started with the darker blue in mind and hunted through my stash, I found the blue background floral and the lined blue paper that I thought would work. Whilst in my blue pile of papers I found the top left hand paper in light blues - the one with a kind of marbled look, I thought that it would be perfect. Next I went onto my teal/green pile and pulled a few patterns that I thought would work. At this time I found the tag/cutapart paper which had the teal and dark blue on it, so I grabbed it. 
The coloured sprinkle/confetti looking paper was a bit more of a challenge and took a deeper dive into my papers, eventually I found two that I thought would work (bottom right hand corner). What do you think? One is not a confetti/sprinkle look but it had the right colours in it and I think it will work. 
So these are my papers, I love the dark and light contrast in the blues/teals then a few flecks of other colours - orange and red. I have even decided on a name for my kit this month....

Blue Hue Just for You!!

Okay the embellishments were next, here is a full photo of my whole kit. I'll explain my thought process for the embellishments in the close up photos below. 
My kit got bigger as I riffled through my stash, I have managed to put together a lot of things that I am sure I will use to create some interesting layouts.

The last think I noticed in the Episodes Kit was the stamps, but they were the first things I started with when I started to pull embellishments from my stash. I was looking for small words, labels and if possible a TV. I didn't think that I did have a TV ... but sometimes I get lucky and find something in my supplies that I forgot I had. Come on, hands up if you do as well!! 
Unfortunately I was not successful this time, I did find "home and travel" themed stamps that I thought would work, the other stamps are just random images and words. Quiet a few fun images to work with.

Okay on to stickers and diecuts - given that I had found "homey" themed stamps I thought that I would stick to this and looked for anything related. I found a mobile phone, which isn't a TV but near enough?? The other embellishments I pulled were small and cute - in line with my first thought of the Episodes Kit. All are very similar to the colours in my patterned papers. 

I needed alphas and other embellishments next, so I pulled some small dark blue foam Thickers and chipboard letters. I popped in the ribbon photo corners (I seriously have these hanging in my stash for years and never seem to use them.... so I am challenging myself to get them used this month).
I also added some tiny enamel hearts - just because they are small and cute.

Last I added this acetate sheet, it used to be a 12x12 sheet but I only have a small bit left as I have used it quite often but love it. It reminded me of  the confetti/sprinkle patterned paper so it totally fits this kit.

Here is the Master List for the Blog Hop so you can continue on your journey;

Thanks for stopping in and I hope I have inspired you to dig deep in your stash. See you on the Fourth for a forgery or two and then our Challenges on the 12th and 18th.


Tuesday, June 01, 2021

June Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop

 Hello Counterfeiters. It is June 1st, which means a new Counterfeiter Kit reveal and Blog Hop. 

Backyard Blooms Kit by Cocodaisy. 

The inspirational kit this month is huges, lots if materials to pick and choose from. It's big, it's vibrant and it's beautiful. Here is just two of the many photos displaying it's deliciousness. 

So how did the beautiful Backyard Bloom Kit inspire me. Well of coarse I had to find big, colourful floral papers to start with, I then teamed them with similiar bold colours. I just had to add a few Summer tgemed papers to help me through this cold snap we are having here. Today is the first day of Winter here in Australia and I don't much like the cold .... so Summer papers help me through. 

Stickers, Alphas and washi tape with bright colours and florals were pulled from my stash to help pack out my kit.