Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First Ever Post

Well I always said that I would not "get into" this blogging thing - and look at me now!!! My first ever entry. This is a huge step for me as I am so computer challenged it isn't funny - but what the heck here I am.
I have or am in the process of setting up this blog as a place to keep in touch with family, friends and anyone else who stops by. It is my little spot where I will upload my latest scrapping layouts and share some antics (hopefully funny ones) and photos of my home zoo.
For those who are just getting to know me I'll tell you a little about myself - I am currently living in WA, have a darling husband - we are both in the Navy so we tend to travel around a lot. No kids - maybe one day. The zoo tends to keep us busy as it is. Currently we have three Malamutes Nanook, Sharnii and Tiara - I am a registered breeder so every now and then we have a lot more little pups running around the place. We have one Devon Rex cat called Gizmo and another on the way - she is currently with her breeder and we are waiting for her to get a bit older before she joins our zoo. Adrian is a keen bird lover so we have a backyard fully of rainbow lorikeets at last count we had 14 lorikeets and that isn't counting the babies!!!
Well that's it for my first posting - I am off to see if I can work out how to individualise this blog and make it more me!!

Well I have managed to work out how to upload photos - take a look at the first one - it is of my two fur babies, Nanook and Sharnii.

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