Monday, April 02, 2007

Doggy News

All is well with the three Mutts. Tiara has grown up in size fast - just wish her mentality would catch up - she has turned into a holy terror - she destroys everything that she can get her teeth into. We have had to puppy proof the house and the yard. It has made life interesting ..... well it is just getting us into practice for when the baby gets here. Here is one of the latest LO that I have done of the fur monsters all together. I don't take as many photo of them as I once did - I'll have to start taking more.
Nanook is nine this year - how time flies. It jsut seems like yesterday when I got him as a puppy.
Sharnii is her perfect refined self - she never does any wrong..... why couldn't Tiara take after her?

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Delta said...

your puppies are so cute. I thought my family had heaps of animals oh my gosh (we have 5 dogs but none are as big as yours) how cute is the layout as well. Its great to see you using circles (thats one thing im afraid of lol) anyways keep up the great work cant wait to see more of your work. Love always Nae xoxoxo