Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Good Friday saw us down on the Rockingham Foreshore where there was a mini show set up. We went down to have a look. Two trips around the whole show took us about half an hour, so it really was a mini show. We got a couple of ticket in the big prize lucky draw and ended up winning with the number 400. So I picked out a green and blue dinosaur. Wasn't really that many toys that we don't have already there.
Bronte liked the dinosaur and it is just the right size for her to sit on.

I'm still getting used to my new Camera so the photos are a bit over exposed - I'm trying to take the camera of automatic and take shots on manual. Getting there slowly.

That is all that we did for Good Friday except some boring house work - it just never stops. I wish I had a good housekeeping fairy that would magically take care of all my house work. Well I can wish can't I???

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