Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mandurah Crab Festival

Today we headed down to Mandurah to see what the big whohar was all about - they have been advertising the Festival on the T.V. and radio everytime you turn them on. Melena came with us. Well we drove the 30 minutes or so down the road, find a park at Hog Breath and walk down to the foreshore. It is a small street festival, live entertainment, a tiny side show alley and a few market stalls. The best part of it was about five stalls fenced off for some wine tasteing. The worst part ...... the smell of seafood everywhere!!! I should have thought of that ..... after all it was a Crab Festival. After a couple of hours wandering around and having a look. We walked back up the road and the the best part of the day happened!!! We had lunch at Hogs Breath!!! MMmmm yummy steak and two cocktails!!!
Silly me forgot to take the camera so I have no photos of the day - oh well it wasn't that exciting anyway.

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