Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What a week it has been for me.
I had a huge class up at Just Scrapbooking for my Sunday Lesson. It was a repeat (by popular demand) Multi-photo LO. All the lovely ladies did a fantastic job on their Layouts, I was pretty happy with how they turned out.
I also have had two e-mails from Scrapbooking Magazines.
Scrapbook Creation and Scrapbooking Memories both want to publish one of my Layouts, different layouts for each Magazine. So I will be in two upcoming issues soon. How exciting is that!!
So I am really on a scrapping roll at the moment.
Both of the layouts have Bronte and Adrian in them. I don't think that he is too happy about about being in the layouts, but he is happy that I am getting published.
Talking about Adrian he sailed today - he is off for Albany for ANZAC day and then onto Singapore, so all up he will be gone for about a month.
I will be marching on ANZAC Day, Melena is baby sitting Bronte (for the first time and Melena is a bit scared!! But she should be right.) I am dressing Bronte in this cute little white outfit that Mum made when she was here - it is kind of like a sailor suite dress, she is going to look so cute. So stay tuned for either photos or a layout!!

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