Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Game is On.

First Birthday
- done to represent Conect Four game, we had to use four photos, the colour blue or red plus one other colour and also have four conecting circles on the page. Who Loves to Draw?
- done to represent Pictionary, we had to doodle, use and embellishemnt in the title and follow a sketch.

Go On

- done to represent Monopoly, we had to base the layout on one of the properties, I did Parklane and used flowers and leaves, we had to use less than 6 items and have the word chance or go in the title.

Mystical Scrapbooks is running a great competition at the moment based on board games. I am loving the challenges, they are great fun. These are my layouts so far. Here is a link to Mystical Scrapbooking so you can pop in and have a look at everyone elses layouts. There are some great pages there.

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