Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun and games this weekend

I am going to keep this blog up to date a little bit more from now on. Seeing as we can actually view it from work now - can't post to it but we can see it. It gives me the opportunity to post regular photos here for Adrian to see. He actually gets to see them now on the Internet on the ship. So he can see how much his little girl is growing whilst he is off sailing the seas.

I am having trouble with writing near the photos so I will just write it here in a list so you can understand what is going on in each of the collages.

Collage 1. "I have my own Sunnies - but Mums are better!!!"

Collage 2. Here she is playing in the spare shower area with a few containers of water - pour her little heart out for at least half an hour. Poor Gremlin when he walked in to use his kitty litter tray and coped squirt of water to the face. The glees of laughter where very cute.

Collage 3. Just hanging out in the front yard.

Collage 4. Little Miss B getting ready for Day Care on Friday - this is her "but..... Mum I just need my Dummy" look. Those eyes - who could say no to those?

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