Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mis-adventures of Bronte

I am thinking of changing the name of my Blog to "The Mis-adventures of Bronte the Brat!!!" Well I should. I had a very active weekend, keeping my eye on "The Brat". Every time I turned around she was up to something new.
I ducked off to the toilet at one stage and come back to find this. The little Brat had pulled her chair over to the sink, climbed on up into it and was painting with my paint sponge on the window with Gumption. I asked her what she was doing, her reply "washing".
Yes well, she was quickly taken out of the sink and told not to get up there again. We had tears and tantrums but one good thing came from it. My window is not sparkling clean!
My kitchen bench is now "Bronte the Brat" proof. I think that the little white chair is going to be put away for a little while until she realises her boundaries.

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