Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter. We started the day off with an Easter Egg hunt at 6.30 soon followed by lots of sticky fingers and faces to clean. Then it was a busy day of painting and playing in water - then a car ride to the Easter Festival....which I forgot to take the camera too!! At the festival the main attraction for the girls where the baby animal patting zoo. Bronte loved the big drake and Jasmine couldn't get over how soft the lambs wool was. Anyway here are a few highlights of our day.
Although it is Bronte's second Easter it was great seeing the excitement in her face, what a huge difference a year makes. She couldn't wait long enough to get into her stash - mind you she only opens one at a time and will eat the whole thing before opening another one. Unlike Jasmine who has three different Eggs on the go!!
Here are some shots of Jasmine and her stash - she had a great time leading Bronte around the house and yard looking for Easter Eggs. The Easter Bunny sure did spoil them.
It is unusually hot here this Easter - it makes a lovely change - I love the hot weather. So every chance Jasmine and Bronte have been playing in water. The had a great time splashing each other and throwing the balls around.
So is it only Little Miss B that loves to strip off and paint her whole body or do other kids to this?? It drives me totally nuts - especially when it comes to cleaning her up. Lucky me that she does strip off before she paints herself - all this paint on her thank you.
This fun filled day was topped off with a bike ride with Adrian to the park.
Hope everyone's Easter was as good as ours.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, yes, nothing beats the looks on their faces does it? Not even chocolate LOL!!!

Cherie said...

Gorgeous photos, looks like your Easter with fantastic...

Cherie x

Chloe said...

Hi Tracey! (waving!!!) Just found Enchanted Scrapbooking and thus yor blog. Congrats on the new site! It's funny cos I the moment I came across Enchanted Scrapbooking I thought it's the kind of place you'd love... and surprise... it's yours! HEHEHE! I will be at the cc to show my support!

Great to see Bronte had such a fun Easter!