Saturday, May 09, 2009

Oh no I have been a neglectful blogger.....again.

I have not neglected it on purpose - I just never seem to find any time lately to do anything. Enchanted Scrapbooking is going very well so if I do get some spare time between Adrian and Bronte then I am at Enchanted pulling orders, packing and sending them off.

Here are are few photos of Bronte that I have taken recently. I am trying to get some layouts done this weekend so I should have a few to share soon.

I just had to take a few photos of Bronte enjoying some watermelon - she does love it so.

Bronte's new obsession is with sticks - she picks them up out the front from under the tree and has to show everyone her "ick!" She is always so proud of them.

Giddy Up horsey - Bronte's favourite outdoor toy at the moment is her Hobby Horse...or should I say Unicorn. She loves to ride it up and down the pathway.

Yep - she has a huge mouth. This is a photo taken after she has polished off her watermelon. Sticky face.


Jodi said...

She is getting so big now.. not long now to her 2nd Birthday!!! And what is it with the fascination with sticks??? Aidan, Josh and everykid in Sydney seems obsessed with them!!!

Anonymous said...

That pic of your cat and dog in your banner is too special as are the pics of your little cherub, ok enough blog hopping, now I'll get to work on my Enchanted layouts LOL!!! PS Love this months kits, FANTASTIC!!!!!

Krissy Christie said...

Awwww she is so cute!Love the unicorn :D

Krissy xx