Saturday, April 24, 2010

April Cybercrop

Enchanted Scrapbooking is running there April Cybercrop this weekend and I have actually managed all the challenges this month. Here is what I have done.
For Jodi's challenge we had to use an old vintage McDonalds poster as our inspiration - well it had robots on it so I ran with that as my theme.

Tiff's Challenge was to use our very fist layout that we scrapped and scrap it again how we would today - well I couldn't find my first so I used my first double layout and seeing as I used my original photos on the layout I ran with old photos of a similiar theme ... me and the dogs. So here is my first double and how I would scrap it totally differnet.

My challenge was to use at least three old embelishments (the ones that you have in your stash from when you started scrapping). I used four in mine - the old metal heart, the circle frames around the small hearts, the round paper clip and the metal ribbon slide. Can't believe I still have them in my stash .... and you should see what else I dug up hidden away in my supplies.

Lisa's Challenge was to use Earth colours and something non traditionally a scrapbooking item. Well I kind of digressed from the Earth Colours and added a few bright colours (whoop - but I do love my brigh colours) and my non-traditional scrapbooking item is an old puppy lead that I used to use for Nanook.

The cybercrop is going all weekend, we have even extened it out to Midnight Tuesday so if you have some free time pop on over - the link in on my pageto the right of this post.

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