Friday, November 09, 2012

Feeling Good

Charles Caleb Cotton once said that Imitation is the sincerest form of true. I got approached by Ashley from Love My Tapes Blog asking me if she could post my layout Washing Day as she had used it as inspiration for one of her recent designs. I must admit that I was very flattered, I know that scrap lifting goes on all the time and it doesn't worry me at all, but for someone to ask to post the original, instead of just outright copying without any acknowledgement feels great. And knowing that I help to inspire someone in their creative journey is such a good buzz.
This is my original layout, it is one that I created for The Australian Scrapbooking Ideas Magazine for my Washi Tape Article.

Pop into Ashley's blog and check out her scrap lift, the link is in the paragraph above.

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Ashley Horton said...

Love your page Tracey!! Thanks again for letting me share it on the Love My Tapes Blog!! :) Your work is stunning!