Thursday, November 15, 2012

Six Simple Steps

Accordion Medallions

Step One - Cut out shapes from some patterned paper - you will need a few circular shapes, the accordion strip and some "v" shaped pennants. I have used a Silhouette Cameo diecut for my shapes. But you can do it by hand and score the dotted lines.

Step Two - Fold up the accordion like a fan.
Step Three - Join the edges together. I use both a bit of double sided tape and a little bit of glue for extra strength.
Step Three - Gather the folds together and bring the centre together to form a circle shape.
Step Four - Turn the circle shape over and using some strong glue adhere a circle shape to the back - this will keep the folds in place. Tip - hold for a little bit to give the glue time to set.
Step Five -Turn back over to the front and decorate using circular shapes and label stickers.
 Step Six - Attach the banner shapes to the bottom of the medallion.
Using the six simple steps you can repeat the process and make many different versions.
I used this process to make some hand made embellishments for my Counterfeit Kit, which you can see in the post below. 


Sassy Breese said...

So professional looking. You've saved a bundle by whipping these up instead of purchasing them in an acetate envelope.

MiliPea Designs said...

Wonderful tutorial!

glorygirl said...

Those are beautiful! Great job!

Lisa said...

ooo, those are super cute! thanks for a great tutorial!

Susanne said...

Nicely done - it really is limitless where you can go by starting with a rosette.

Angela Toucan said...

fabulous embelishment, thanks for sharing how you did them
blessings to you and yours from Angela