Saturday, August 03, 2013

Want to get your scrap on this weekend???

Well Mystical Scrapbooks has their August Cybercrop on and there are three fantastic recipe challenges up for you to do......and you have a chance to will a store voucher if you get in and have a play.
Here is my recipe challenge:

1  base cardstock/paper in a light brownish colour
1 landscaped orientation photo
1 portrait orientation photo
1 ten x twenty-eight cm rectangle of patterned paper in a blue/white combination
1 eight x twenty-nine and a half cm rectangle of patterned paper in a colourful combination
a scattering of die-cut embellishments
1 flare/button
1 table spoon of white paint
Alphas for titles
1 banner
1 ten cm long label die-cut or sticker
1 nineteen cm strip of Washi tape


Preparing the crust – Add the two large rectangles horizontally across the bottom half of the base cardstock, layer then so that the smaller rectangle is on the bottom. Splatter white paint onto the top left and bottom right hand corners of the base cardstock, be careful not to get any on the rectangles. Set aside to cool (paint to dry)
Add the photos to the mix, position so that the landscape photo is on the right hand side of the base and the portrait on the left. Allow roughly three cms of the top of the photos to hang over the top edge of the top rectangle patterned paper. Make sure that photos are overlapping slightly.
Layer a strip of Washi tape across the bottom of the photos, where the two photos touch. Stir the pot and add the ten cm long die-cut label or sticker across the top of the washi tape.
Sprinkle die-cut embellishments over the top. Concentrate on both the right and left hand side of the photos, the centre where the photos meet on top of start of the label and at the top left hand corner of the base cardstock. Don’t forget to include the flare/button into the mix.
The Icing on Top – using alphas or a premade die-cut caption add the main title at the top of the photos where they meet and the subtitle across the remaining label die-cut/sticker at the bottom. To finish off add a banner underneath the main title.
Now for a few sneak peaks - we are not going to show our full sample until later in the week as we don't want you all just scraplifting....we want to see what you can come up with just following the method.

So come on over to the Mystical Scrapbooks Blog and check out the other two challenges and start scrapping the week away.

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