Friday, March 04, 2016

Counterfiet Kit Challenge

Okay to help with my mojo and inspiration after so long away from scrapbooking I am going to join in the Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge. The idea is to counterfeit a kit that the lovely ladies at the Blog have chosen from your supplies that you have at home...if you don't have something similar to what is in the kit then you can forge something. 

The Kit to counterfeit his month is the Ali Edwards - Click Kit. Here is a few of the photos from the kit;

I have riffled through my endless supply to but this kit - I was inspired by the greens, grey, orange, the cameras and the stamps. I noticed that the original kit was only a project life kit and did not have any papers in it...well I need papers so I have pulled some from my 6x6 inch paper pads. There is also a transparent pie chart thingy....which I plan on forging so I have added some transparencies to my kit.

My Kit

Here is the photo of all the supplies in my kit - but for some strange reason I can not for the life of me turn my photo landscape??? Anyway you can see how I have put it all together, it has turned our quite large....and not my usual scrapping colours, so it is indeed going to be a challenge.
 Here are my stickers an labels that I have added to the kit - I plan on only using the greens, oranges, greys and browns from these. (Another photo I can not turn - sorry)
Here are my papers and project life cards that I pulled using the original kit for the colour inspiration.
 In this photo you can see some of my many stamps that I have pulled from my large supply, some flairs  and small embellishments to add.
 I  have a weakness for alphas of any size and colour so here is a stack that I have added to my kit.
Okay and for my last photo to share is of wood veneers in frames and polaroid shapes, some cork shapes, enamel dots and washi tape with camera on them. 
So now that I have mu kit all together I have to go and join in the challenges that they pop up and to use as much of my kit as I possible can this month. Thanks for stopping by.


Julene Matthews said...

Welcome to CKC Tracey! I love your very comprehensive kit. That should keep you busy for quite a loooong while. Enjoy playing with all those goodies.

Susanne said...

Wow, Julene is right - very comprehensive. For your first counterfeit you are so wise to include numerous alphas, and I love the cork and wood veneer too. We'll look forward to seeing your work all month. Happy counterfeiting!!

Tina Campbell said...

Welcome to this fun challenge blog :) CKC you chosen a heck of a month to start! But by jo you did it that kit looks fantastic :) Excited to see what you do with the kit :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

Delighted to have you join us at CKC this month!
You have fleshed out the Click kit into a lush & lovely counterfeit.
Well done!

Susan said...

What a great kit! Your colors are so true to the original inspiration and you've included some wonderful embellishments as well. Thanks for joining us - hope you have a very scrappy month using your kit!

Clair said...

Hello Tracey! Welcome to the world of counterfeiting!

Loving the fullness of this kit (and how you are already making the inspiration kits work for you) and I am especially loving the deep orange-red colour that is cropping up in the kit, it's so rich and lovely :)

Hope you have a lot of fun with the kit this month - and will be back for April!

Clair x

Unknown said...

You did good Tracey. Have fun. Google says i am anonymous but i am not! {{joyce}}

Margie said...

What a fantastic (and huge!) kit!! Hooray for mojo returning, and welcome back to crafty utopia! This kit should be great lots of wonderful pages and cards! We can't wait to see!

Kelly Sroka said...

Ooooooh--fabulous take on the original! I am loving all of the cameras!

Chidkid said...

That's a great much to enjoy!