Sunday, March 13, 2016

Counterfiet Kit Layouts

Okay the only thing sitting on my desk now is my Counterfeit Kit so I have to use only what I have pulled from my stash to do my layouts.....unless I have missed something out that I really, really need!!!

Favourite Time


This layout is about one of the many things on my bucket list that I have actually done. I got to pat a tiger. Actually I got to feed, walk, bath and play with lots of tigers.  It was the best time of my life - where else in the world can you bottle feed a baby tiger and have a full grown tiger lay in your lap??? The Tiger Temple in Thailand.

Best Car Ever

My Rav4 was not my first car...nor my last....but it was my favourite car.

Thanks for looking - I must admit I struggle a bit not being able to go back to the rest of my stash for things that I think would suit my layouts....but that is why it is a challenge. I plan on using everything in the kit until it is gone. I will take a photo when I have finished so you can see what


Susan said...

Great pages! I especially like how you arranged all those frames on your second layout - very fun. And how cool that you got to hang out with a tiger too!

Julene Matthews said...

2 wonderful pages! You CAN use other stuff on your layouts. Counterfeit kit is a guide or the main thrust of your pages but not all. If necessary you can make an add on kit and just mention it at the beginning of your "I found these orange brads and will add them to my kit". Hope that helps you a bit. The CKC police won't attack you! LOL

Susanne said...

Very nice, I especially like how you've gathered the little bits on that second page.