Sunday, March 13, 2016

PinInterest Challenge at Counterfeit Kit Blog

The first challenge at the Counterfeit Kit Blog was to choose something (not crafty) off PinInterest for inspiration. I picked this building as the triangle shapes called out to me.
PATTERN-the arrangement of forms and shapes in a repeating unit as part of a design. The repeating triangles is the pattern, some are upside down and some are right side up but they keep repeating which makes it a pattern.:
Triangle Windows (PinInterest) Pinned from Greener Ideals

So keeping the up and down triangles in mind I created this;

Australia Zoo

 I hand cut the triangles and formed a background pattern over the stencilled gesso. It kind of reminds me of crocodile skin, so I like how it has turned out.


Susan said...

What a great take on this challenge - your stenciled piece almost looks rounded to me. It adds a nice dimension to your page, along with the triangles.

Kylie gW said...

WOW. That is soooo cool. Love your take on that inspiration and AMAZING photos.

Julene Matthews said...

A clever idea there Tracey! Why do I think of Darwin when I see crocodiles? LOL

Susanne said...

Wow, nice spin on the inspiration - very cool!

Tracey said...

Because there are so many there. Lol.

Clair said...

Oh, I love it! Fantastic take on the challenge and a super cool layout!