Saturday, June 04, 2016

June Counterfiet Kit

Another month, another kit for inspiration at the Counterfeit Kit Blog. For June it is a Kit from Hip Kit Club's May Kit and it has a very similar colour scheme to the Counterfeit Kit club of last month..... so to kick start my kit this month I am keeping the scraps and the embellishments that I didn't use last month and adding to this months kit so I can completely destroy my kit. I have taken any full pieces of paper out and put them back in my stash and pulled new full piece to for this months kit.

My scrap left overs from last months kit

 I didn't take a photo of my left over embellishments from last month, which would work nicely with this months kit, so here are my photos from last month...which I am recycling.

This is the July Kit for inspiration at Counterfeit Kits Blog - it is May's Hip Kit Club

My June Kit

 When I looked at the kit I saw pinks, teals, floral, cut apart, triangles, dots and script in both black/white and colour. So when going through my stash I just pulled what I had in those patterns and similar colours. I found the florals the hardest as I don't work with a lot of bold floral patterns. I think my kit is very similar....probably quite a few more pieces of paper than what was in the original kit....but how could I not resist.
Apologies for the dark photo it has been raining for the last week here and is very dark today..... the perfect day to scrap.


Jimjams said...

Great idea to keep going with last month's scraps - hope you kept the rainy day blue at bay with some fun scrapping!

Chidkid said...

A true resemblance of the original. I like to include scraps from my previous kits too.

Susanne said...

Oh nice, and bonus credit for moving the scraps forward!! Enjoy all those varied bits and bobs!

Tina Campbell said...

Great idea carry over the scraps :) I do agree about the embellishments and have mine handy too :) The kit is so pretty with the colors you chose to work with. Have a blast using up that kit :)

Lisa said...

Adding the scraps from one month into the next is a great idea! And your kit is really close to the original I think - it's lovely. I'm always interested to see how we all interpret the inspiration - I thought this month was really different to last month! ha ha! Or maybe that was just subconscious so that my kit turned out differently! Great kit and I can't wait to see what you make

Tara O said...

I add in stuff from previous kits to mine as well. Some of the smaller bits are harder to use up if you reintegrate into your stash. I know...I have three (THREE) bins of stuff that have appeared in previous CKCB kits. Ugh!

I love your kit. I can't wait to see what you do with that quote from Studio Calico. I have it sitting on a shelf in my stash waiting on some inspiration. LOL

Susan said...

Your kit is very true to the original - great colors and designs! And you're looking on the bright side with all that rain - it definitely makes lots of time for scrapping.

kate blue said...

I see where you were inspired! great job! And I too took leftovers from last month's kit to recycle; great minds think alike!

LCSmithSAVED said...

Clapping my hands! What a FAB forgery - I literally scrolled down, then up, then down, then up again because I couldn't believe my eyes (that was fun, btw) A++