Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Mulberry Lane Studio Design Team Catch Up Post

I really do have to remember to post my Mulberry Lane Studio layouts here more regularly, I post all over Facebook and forget about my blog. So I thought I would jump in and catch you all up with two and a half months of layouts using the fabulous flairs from Mulberry Lane Studios. I think I have put a flair or two on just about every layout I have done since being on the Design Team, they are just that easy to use and there is such a huge range that I can find something to suit just about every layout I do. 

Shire Bright

A layout with some stamping and water colour on it for the fussy cut flowers. Love this photo of my nieces and my girls, it isn't very often that we get together so we make the most of it.... with a photo shoot. 

Magical Birthday

Paige's 9th Birthday and she surprised me with a Unicorn request for the theme. 
I must admit I loved it. 

Just Chill'n

Paige and her affiliation to her new favourite animals - Sloths. 

Nicki and Me

A layout of me - many years ago when I was living and working on Connamarra and was given a baby kangaroo to hand raise. I called her Nicki, after Nicole Kidman, because she had red fur. It really was like raising a baby - bottle feeding and cleaning up messes! 

Reach for your Dreams

Another layout of me - this is me in my teenager years and then me again this year. I loved A-HA as a teenager and finally after first discovering them I got to go to my first A-HA concert..... 36 years later. 

Wild Child

I had fun with this layout using Colour Blast/Bee Arty Shimmer Cubes to create a square splodgey background for a photo of Paige as a toddler on a surfboard.  

Special Day

A layout of Paige on her Christening Day onboard HMAS Success. Possible the very last person to have a Christening Onboard the ship as she decommissioned 6 months later.


A roadtrip layout of us on our way home from Queensland visiting family and stopping along the way to have a four wheel drive on the beach. 

Love Life

Me at sea in 2018 off travelling the oceans on HMAS Success. Love Navy Life. 


This is an older photo of all of my cousins on my mother's side of the family. We all got together for my Grandmother's 84th Birthday. 

1st magical Christmas

Bronte's first Christmas and this is her opening up a gift at Day Care. 

Dodgem Cars

Just a fun layout about the girls driving in the Dodgem cars - they seriously love every second of this.

First Christmas

Just a random photo of Paige in her Christmas outfit for her first Christmas. 
If you get a chance pop into the Mulberry Lane Studio store and check out the range, you will not be sorry!! Unless you are on a spending spree, then your bank account might feel a bit sorry. :) 

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