Friday, June 05, 2020

Forgery on the Fourth for Counterfeit Kit Blog Challenge

Hello Counterfeiters. 

What do you make with a stack of twine?? Rainbow of course!
I absolutely fell in love with the twine rainbows from the Wonderful Would kit and didn't have any in my stash, but I did have a stack of twine.... so what is a girl to do? 
Try and counterfeit them of course.
So I grabbed some natural colour twine, my hot glue gun and tried to stick some twine pieces about 4 &1/2 inches long together, this was a bit tricky and I got glue everywhere. I also discovered that the twine alone wouldn't hold a rainbow shape, so I ended up gluing the natural twine to a garbage bag twisty tie.
Next I tucked teh end of some pink twine along the natural twine and turned it around itself to secure the end, then I keep rolling the pink twine up the natural twine and twisty.
About an inch up I discovered that the pink twine was getting a bit loose so I added some sticky clear drying glue along the natural twine and kept rolling it up.
One I had covered the length of the garbage bag twisty tie I used some more clear drying sticky glue to secure the end of the pink twine.
Next I undid the natural twine into individual threads to frey the ends of the rainbow.
I repeated the process two more times. I did actually cut the twisty tie shorter for the blue one as it is going to go into the center of the rainbow and needs to be a little shorter. In hindsight I should have also cut the yellow one a bit shorter too, you will see in the final rainbow that it is a touch too long.
Shape the thread by curling them around a cylinder shape object - I used a large glue stick.
Next stick the three coloured threads together in a rainbow shape using some clear drying sticky glue.
Lastly trim up the ends of the rainbow with a nice flat haircut.
Tada - a lovely rainbow embellishment to use on your creations. I know that this is the start of something for me and I am sure there will be many new rainbow popping up on my layouts soon as I love how it turned out and I can customise the colours to suit whatever I layout I am working on.
Have a bright rainbow day!

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