Monday, March 01, 2021

March Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop Reveal

Hello Counterfeiters. Welcome to the March Counterfeit Kit Reveal Blog Hop. 

The kit picked this month to counterfeit and draw inspiration from is such a great kit. Full of bright bold colours, there is a lot to like about  the Mommyish On The Lilypad Paper Addict kit

I have build my kit this month based on the images from the Paper Addict kit, by this I mean I broke my foraging in my supplies into groups - I concentrated on the images of the kit and pulled just that element that was in the image. I will run you through my process image by image. 
The first image I looked at was the Pattern Papers - I looked at what each one was, the colours, the images, the feeling of the kit. My main things I targeted when riffling through my stash was yellow, blues, reds with images of "Office" thoughts, so I was looking for typewriters, pencils, stationary. However as I hunted I realised that I didn't have as many papers with "Office" things on them as I first though (I found typewriters, pencils and scissors) so my idea changed and I looked for "Homely" images - the aprons and  utensils pattern papers got added to bulk up my kit. As a last addition to my papers I added one with an origami paper plane on it as homage to the paper plane in the kit. 
Above are the Paper Addict papers and below are mine. 
Next were the Pocket Cards and Printables. I looked at the Paper Addict cards and saw stationary, hearts, typewriters and speech/thought bubbles. So with that in mind I searched for pocket cards, I must admit I tried to stick with the same brands as I had pulled my papers from - this way I knew the colours would be similar. I ended up with a good collection of them, not as 'stationary' as I had hoped but I was pretty limited in my supplies. 
Above is the Paper Addict cards and below are mine. You can see the colours are what I mainly concentrated on and then one typewriter (which I squealed about when I found it) and a touch of homeliness with the coffee and Mum sediments. 
Lastly I looked at the embellishments and saw home made paper flowers, paper clips, buttons, word sticker strips and the origami paper plane. I sorted my embellishments and pulled buttons and paper clips, things that I have not used for such a long time. I then looked at all the word sticker strips and thought.... what a good opportunity for me to raid my stickers. I have mountains and mountains of stickers and I hardly ever use them, so this was the perfect time. 
The photo above is the Paper Addict kit and the photos below are all the embellishments I pulled and intend to use this month. Who thinks I can do it?? There is a lot here. 

Well I hope I have given you a good insight into my way of thinking and how I have pulled this kit together. Now to make sure that I get enough time to sit down and actually use it all particularly all these stickers. 

Now if you are participating in the Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop here is the list so that you can find your way onto the next Creative Team Members Blog. Make sure you come back on to the Blog for the Forgeries on the Forth and the two challenges for the month, plus lots more. 


Clair said...

Ooh, I love how you chose to break down the kit this month and how, eventually, it gave you a kit with a few different themes as well as the main stationery theme. You do have a lot of embellishments, but they are so fun! Enjoy!

Julene Matthews said...

Those papers are so close! I'm jealous. The project life/journal cards are abundant and your embellishments even more so. So much fun to use all that. Have fun this month.

Susanne said...

Such a huge kit - and I would love to dig into those PL cards to play with. You will have fun scrapping this month. Enjoy.

Tara O said...

I love your breakdown of this month’s kit! I love the thought process of adding in home elements. Your embellishments are amazing! I hope you get to make lots of pretty stuff this month!

Julie Kirk said...

I too got excited when I found a typewriter journaling card ... then I never actually found a place to use it!! Maybe when I use up all my scraps !

Tina Campbell said...

Love this kit and I love how you broke it down too :) Great to see office and fun stuff too like dreams to the ocean or the zoo :)

cinmfoster said...

Fabulous Kit, Tracey. Love the darker blues you added.
Cindy F