Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This is the latest fur baby to join our home. Her name is Tiara - she is currently seven month old a little bit older than here in her photo. She has already gotten a first in a Spitz Show in the Malamute Puppy Group. I am hoping she will do lots more.
Tiara is a good natured pup - she absolutely idolises her father - Nanook. Tiara is one of 13 pups born, unfortunatly only 12 lived - the smallest little boy got granted wings and meet the angels.
Tiara is a sable malamute and takes after her Mum - Sharnii in looks and her father in personality and nosie. Both Tiara and Nanook can howl the place down.

Do not be fooled by her cute and inocent look - she is a trouble maker and loves to cause havoc.

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