Monday, April 02, 2007

Baby News

Well Adrian and I are expecting our first furless baby - yes a human baby! All is going well, according to all scans so far she is a little girl. She is fit and healthy and due in June. We have been busy getting the nursery ready for her arrival and it is almost ready, just a few finishing touches to do.

I will attach a few scans here for you all to see. It has uploaded from the last to the first - so in order from top down the scans are;
1. 3D facial scan taken on the 18 Jan - it shows the little girls facial features - she actuall looks like a baby in this scan.
2. A skeletal looking scan of the fron of her face, taken on the 18 Jan - looks alien like in this scan.
3. A side on view of a baby shape - taken on 25 Nov
4. A Jellybean shape - the first scan taken - you have to know what to look for in this scan - it jsut looks like a tiny blob to me!! Taken 9 Nov

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Unknown said...

Need pictures of the nursery. Sure it is amazing!