Monday, April 02, 2007

New Kitty

Well Pixie drove Adrian and I mad with her running around meowing and missing Gizmo - not to mention that I was very, very upset too. So Adrian blurted out "Go and get another Kitty to help Pixie". Well I didn't need any further convincing and grab the local "For Sale" Newspaper and there was one advertised Registered Male Devon Kitty.
I rang the lady and he was still available - we went the very next day to have a look and he was beautiful. I didn't want another one that looked like Gizmo as it would have just remined me of him too much. The little boy we looked at is a Silver Tabby Devon - we brought him home that night. He is very cute, it has taken a little while for Pixie to like him - she knows he isn't Gizmo. So welcome into our home Gremlin.

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