Monday, April 02, 2007

Gizmo - Bad news first!

Where to start? Well my first little Devon Rex kitty Gizmo grew up way too fast. Here is a picture of him and Pixie - Gizmo is the white one. He was an inside cat with so much personality. He loved cuddles and kisses and snuggling. Anyway he escaped over the fence a few weekends ago and disapeared. I searched high and low for him. That afternoon whilst I was out hunting for him again the guy across the road approached me. He had collected Gizmo off the road - a blue car had run him over on purpose. I was a mess by the time I got home. At least I knew what had happened and now had his body to know that he just hadn't gone missing.
Pixie my second kitty was a mess too - she ran around the house going from door, to window, to looking everywhere for Gizmo. Meowing on the top of her little lungs. Pixie is the black kitty in the photo.

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Unknown said...

Oh Tracey (sp?), that is just awful. I am so, so sorry that there are such awful people in the world.