Monday, March 03, 2008

Some class layouts from Just Scrapbooking and the first of Bronte's songs album

Fairy Princess
This is Bronte at seven months old. She had mastered sitting up all by herself and liked to stare out the window and watch the dogs.
This is a page that I did for Just Scrapbooking. I was teaching a class on how to make your own Tiaras and wings - this was the page that I placed the wings and tiaras onto to show the ladies how it looked with different ones on it. I didn't actually end up sticking any of the tiaras or wings onto it ..... I will one day.
Fairy Wings and other Magical Things
This is the page that the ladies in the Tiara's and wings class actually ended up doing. It was a simple layour because the focus was on making different types of wings and tiaras. It was a fun class to do.

I can sing a rainbow

This is going to be one of many layouts that I do - each one is going

to be a song that I sing with Bronte.

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