Monday, July 21, 2008

Game On - Mystical Scrapbooking

I am still doing the Mystical Scrapbooking Game On Competition. My first three layouts are down below so scroll down to view them. These are my most recent ones;

If you are interested to see what everyone else has done than click on this link to have a look;

Trivial Pursuit
For this challenge we had to use any colour combination of the pie pieces from the game, we had to have three or more sentences of journaling and the title had to be a question. This is what I came up with.
Who's Walking Now?


For this challenge we had to have at least six 1 inch squares, the title had to be in blocks, we could only use two photos and three different colours.
Cupcake Queen

For this one we had to use the colours red, black, white and cream, we had to have our embellishments layered and we had to use a crown.

You Two

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