Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucky I don't mind mess!!!!

It's a good thing that I am not a neat freak, with a daughter who loves to jump right into the middle of anything messy with gusto I am bound to have piles and piles of washing for years to come. What age can I teach Bronte how to do her own washing and ironing???

These photos are Bronte having a late birthday cake. I made up a packed mix carrot cake as it was in the cupboard and had a bash at trying my hand at making it into a lady bug ..... I should have waited until it cooled a bit more. Anyway I gave Bronte the whole cake to see what she would do with it. And she dove in - face first.....soon followed by hands. It was funny to watch, just a bit messy to clean up.
We ducked up to IKEA on Saturday for a look around and I ended up buying Bronte a painting easel, see needs more outside toys to keep her entertained and this was only $30 with a huge roll of paper attached, it also has a whiteboard sided and a blackboard side - it is great. Gotta love IKEA for bargains. Anyway the weather on Sunday was lovely, not a cloud in the sky and no wind - so we ventured outside to paint. I turn my back for a second and a wind gust blows up and knocks the easel over landing on Bronte face first, she then turns herself over and tries to get out. Mind you Tiara is laying beside Bronte (Tiara is Bronte's watch dog, she doesn't leave her side when she is outside) so both Bronte and Tiara are under the easel - I could only see feet and a tail sticking out. Bronte mush have managed to roll herself over because when I pulled the easel off she was coated in pain - front and back, and Tiara had a blue face. Bronte was fine with the whole incident and continued painting. Tiara is still trying to get blue paint off her face.

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Yuck Bronte....