Monday, August 18, 2008

A Horrid Weekend

Ever had a weekend that never seems to get good? Well that happened to me this weekend. It started Thursday even and just seemed to go down hill from there. It ended with a horrid and heartbreaking event.
Pixie got out of the house some how and jumped the fence into the next door neighbours yard. As it happened they are dog sitting at the moment and the dogs don't like cats. Poor Pixie is no longer with us, she has grown her Angel wings and flown up to meet up with Gizmo and Middy in Kitty Heaven.
I have some layouts to share with you all that I have done for Just Scrapbooking. But I will have to upload them later as I have a few other things I have to do now.
On a positive note. Bronte and I are getting our passports in order as we are flying to Singapore next month. Adrian has two weeks along side, Tiger Airway has a great deal on flights there .... so I thought why not. Look out Singapore here we come. We are going to do the Night Safari and have breakfast with the monkey..... that is just the start of what we have planned.

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Jodi said...

Sorry to hear about your cat... I hope you have a great time in Singapore... I know you will love it.. the zoo there is awesome... Bronte will have a great time. ...