Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Long Time No Post!!!

I know, I know it has been so long since my last update. I have been having a huge break from the computer as life has been so busy lately. I just don't seem to be able to get any free time spare.
So this will probably be a huge post about all that we have been getting up to .... and if you are lucky and the compute is working okay I may even put up some photos.
Work has been hectic as usually, lucky for me I am currently on holidays for a few weeks - just wish it was a few more.
Bronte has been growing so fast, her speech is coming along nicely and she is even string three or four words together into sentences. It is so great to watch her grow and develop. Every now and then she will do something that totally surprises us all. The little brat seems to take joy in shocking us with what she can do.
We currently have Adrian's father over here. He and his friend Rossco flew over to celebrate Christmas with us and then fly home next Monday ... the day I start back at work. Bronte is getting spoilt rotten.....and she is loving it.
Christmas was good this year. Bronte discovered that she hates Santa - she is so scared of him we just have to mention the word Santa and she starts to shake her head and say No Santa! No Santa. If we where anywhere near him either in the shops or at a Christmas Party she would scream and run over to me or Adrian and her little body would actually be shaking in fear. She can watch him on TV and not be afraid .... so I think we may have a little bit of work to do between now and next Christmas. But Bronte was happy with all the presents that Santa left under the tree for her ..... well all the ones that would fit!! There where so many.
We had Christmas Breakfast here - Macca (Adrian's best mate) and his family came over and we had a BBQ Breakfast and then it was a huge late lunch feast at Macca'a place, followed by a swim in the blow up pool and a game of cricket on the street.
With Tom here we have been travelling allover and doing lots of sight seeing. We went of a cruise of the Swan River and it was great. We had a lovely lunch and then visited a winery and then sailed home again. We have been up to the sand dunes up at Lancerlin and then out to the Serpentine Dam. The boys are off doing a four day drive trip out to Kalgoorlie, down to Esperence and then the Albany and then up through the Margaret River and home again. Bronte and I really wanted to go but something else popped up.................
10 PUPPIES. Yes Tiara has had her first litter of pup and there are five healthy boys and five healthy girls and they are oh so cute. So Bronte and i have had to stay home to puppy sit. Oh well. Next time.
I actually haven't been doing much scrapping either, some layouts for Just Scrapbooking and that is about all. I am going out to a crop on Friday night so I should get some done then.
We have been doing a heap more ..... well it seems like we have.... but I just can't think of anything else to write about.
Anyway I can hear Bronte stirring from her nap so I will have to go. I'll pop back in later with some photos.

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