Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Photos to Share.

With all that we have been doing I didn't take many Christmas Photos of Bronte this year. I got a few .... but she moves so fast and doesn't sit still long enough for me to get a great photo. Here is the best one that I managed to get, I just love her big brown eyes in this photo.

Belated I know - but Merry Christmas everyone from us to you.

Here are a few photos that we had done of Bronte - one is a Pixie Photo (the one with the chair) and the others are taken by Gotcha they had a little stall set up in the Mandurah Shopping Centre one day and they offered us a free photo - well Bronte wasn't in a very good mood but they managed to get a few laughs and smiles from her - let me tell you we where so surprised by the photos that they ended up with. Our little girl is going to be a Super Model!!!
I really love the one with the red hat on.

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