Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Times with Jazzy

Jasmine has come over to spent some of her Easter Holidays with us. It is the first time that Bronte has meet any of her cousins. The have been getting along wonderfully. Bronte follow Jazzy around like a little puppy dog and Jasmine spoils her rotten.
Upon waking up in the morning Bronte now screams out "Mum UP!" I go and pick her up and then it is "Jazzy! Jazzy!" Bronte then has to go off and wake Jasmine up. Hope that Jasmine didn't plan on sleepin in whilst she is her - her morning wake up calls are 5.30!!!

Bronte and Jasmine creating wonderful things with playdough.

Beautiful paintings being created.

First night giggle tummy time - I heard lots of laughter and giggles coming from the theatre room and this is what I found.

Two drowned rats in the bathtub fully clothed pouring water over each other.

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