Tuesday, February 01, 2022

February Counterfeit Kit Reveal Blog Hop

Hello lovely people, welcome to the February reveal for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and Blog Hop. If you are here on my blog I am hoping that you found your way from Tina's Blog? In not don't panic, I will post the whole Blog Hop List at the bottom of my post. 

It is Misty's first month hosting a kit here at CKC and what an awesome kit she has picked....the Denim & Blush Modern Memory Keeping Kit from Cocoa Daisy from February 2021. With it's focus on f journaling cards and embellishments it is sure to hit the mark with many paper crafters. Misty loved the kit for it’s combination of rich and airy colours, it’s everyday life usefulness and the slight nod to the Valentine’s holiday
. Here it is the main kit, isn't lovely.

Cocoa Daisy Denim & Blush Main Kit


I really like the subtle colours with the pop of dark blue / denim, not sure why but I think of my Grand Mother when I look at this kit. I think it has the right balance of colours and range of embellishments that will pull me out of this scrappers rut I am in. 

Here is how my final kit looked like, once I had pulled out every pile of patterned paper to find what I was looking for. (I will have to clean my space prior to creating - it is all over the place).

When putting my kit together I started with the papers, I looked at what papers were in the Main Kit and the Extra Paper Kit of the Cocoa Daisy Kit. The subtle colours of the pinks, yellows with the pop of dark blue and that one sheet of the red jumped out at me and I saw hearts as a bit of a focus.

When looking at the pictures of the papers by thought process was to create a list, for this paper in the Add on Paper Kit I thought : blue floral, mainly blue, yellow geometric, small pink hearts, pink zigzags and funky geometric.

My list to find for the papers in the Main Kit was : subtle pink, journaling cards, more hearts, blue lines, bright red with pattern, yellow checks. 

Keeping my list near me I ended up pulling these papers. The first row is the papers I found that replicate the Add on Papers from the Kit : Three dark blue florals that I just had to pop into the kit, I know! More than what is in the Cocoa Daisy kit, but how could I resist? I finished the dark blues with a final blue sheet with wavy lines across it. The geometric yellow, I ended up putting in two papers instead of the small pink hearts paper - the pink dot and medium hearts paper.  I found a chevron pink paper and substituted it for the pink zigzag and lastly added a subtle pink geometric paper instead of the funky bright one in the original kit.

For the second row (which the inspiration was take from the papers in the Main Cocoa Daisy Kit) I pulled a subtle pink tiny triangle patterned paper. Where the Cocoa Daisy Kit had the journaling card paper I decided to replace with wood grain paper (not just one but three of them), I finally found a paper with small hearts on it so it was popped in next. This lead onto the last three papers from the original kit, I had trouble finding papers similar in my stash so I stretched my original thought process a bit to find substitutes along a similar lines paper in the original kit - now the wavy blue zig zag paper, bright red with pattern is now replaced with bold funky pink and red hearts and pink written words on book lines and the yellow checks are now funky yellow arrows (I'm not 100% sure they complements my kit or not, but when I start scrapping I will see how I make them work).

The Embellishments. Pink and dark blue stickers, alphas, hearts, florals, die cuts and enamel dots was the list I was chanting in my head when I was rifling through my stash.

What I ended up pulling is: very similar to that list but I added a few wood grain items to my kit to tie it back in with the wood grain papers that I added. I also found a star sticker sheet which I thought would work with the kit colours, so it was thrown in at the last minute.

I am happy with the embellishments even with the washi tape that I found. The washi tape in the Cocoa Daisy kit were lovely. The heart one really drew my attention and imagine my happiness when I found a similar one in my supplies. I have a large amount of washi tape but never remember to use it on layouts, so hopefully adding it to my kit I will actually use some of it.

My washi tape - two dark colours; a floral and a script one, a wood grain and the heart one!!

Well that is it for my thought process on how I put my kit together this month, I hope that I have given you a few ideas on how to create one of your own?

Here is the Master List for you to follow for the February Blog Hop


Thank you for stopping by, I am the last spot for the February Blog Hop, I really hope you have enjoyed it don't for get that we have lots more for you during the month so stop by the Counterfeits Kit Challenge Blog to join in. Here is a sneak peek of what is on offer for the first half of the month.

  • 1st of February: – Kit Reveal and Hop
  • 2nd of February: – Just the Gist of It – to help you find an easy way to create your kit.
  • 4th of February: Forgery on the Fourth – Master Forgers share simple ideas for creating kit elements.
  • 6th of February: Mini- kit Reveal and Project Showcase – inspiration for a smaller kit or project ideas.
  • 12th of February: Challenge #1

Hugs until next time.



Tina Campbell said...

Super cute kit you pulled together and love the addition of the wood grain in the embellishments too :)

Julene Matthews said...

Beautiful kit Tracey. I'm always excited to see the Australian perspective. You're not imagining the grandmother link, I also thought similar.It has a vintage vibe. Love all your heart papers! The woodgrain also works well.

Tara O said...

Great kit Tracey!! Loving your paper choices. And who doesn't love woodgrain????

LCSmithSAVED said...

I loved reading your post :) The chanting of the list you were looking for - I do that same thing! I pray that this kit will unblock your creativity <3

Misty said...

Loved your post and your kit. So sweet to have your Grandmother in your head looking at the inspiration. Happiness! Then reading about your washi choices I realized that washi totally slipped me mind. I'll have to tuck some in when I get home!

cinmfoster said...

Beautiful kit, Tracey. Love the paper choices and woodgrain. Have fun scrapping this month.
Cindy F