Sunday, May 01, 2022

May Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop

 Good morning everyone today I am sharing my kit I pulled together for the May Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop, the inspirational kit picked this month was Scrapbookdoodle's Sweet Life Kit. It is a lovely kit filled with bright coloured patterned papers, beautiful butterflies, stunning yellow flowers and lots of embellishments to match.

I will post the Master Blog Hop List at the end of this post, just in case you have lost your way and you can work out the pathway for your journey. Our guest designer this month is Dawn Priestly Cervo so make sure you leave her lots of love while you pass through and view her kit.

Sweet Life by Scrapbookdoodle 

Here is the photo of the full kit;

When I was running my eye over the photo of the kit I was drawn in by the navy and yellow and realised that the colours in this kit were very similar to my April Counterfeit Kit that I put together and as it has been a super crazy month I have actually not used my kit very much at all...... which lead me to pull it apart and join elements from it to this months kit.

Here is my kit for May:

I will break it and my though process down for you a bit.


The Sweet Life Kit had the beautiful BoBunny papers, when looking at them I noticed colours first; navy, red, yellow, subtle pink and a pale blue. I then turned to the patterns and saw florals and butterflies with tags. So I kept these prompts in my head and started rifling through my stash.

I pulled papers with the colours in mind first, about 50% of them were in last months kit, so it was very quick, I jsut needed to add a subtle pink and pale blue (the triangle print pink, the 5th paper across from the left and the numbered paper were my additions). I have good intentions to use the cut-a-part sheets as tags on my layout as there are small embellishment tabs in the Sweet Life Kit that grab my attention.


The embellishments were my next focus, if you look at the extra detail photos from the Scrapbookdoodle Sweet Life Kit (follow the link to see the detail photos) you will see a stack of lovely pieces that compliment the papers; stickers, layered chipboard, enamel dots, ribbon, flowers and more. 

I decided to go with enamel dots, sequins, little paper tabs, die cuts and stickers in the same colours of my papers. I also dug deep in my flower stash to find these yellow paper flowers with the hope of creating similar flowers to the paper daisies in the original kit.

Make sure you pop back in for all the rest of the fun we will have this month: Forgery on the Fourth, Two Monthly Challenges and heaps more. 

Master Blog Hop List


Julene Matthews said...

It was good that you could recycle some of last month's kit. Your choices have lots of reemblance to the original kit. Love that pack of navy circle things. Enjoy your kit.

Tina Campbell said...

Fantastic looking kit there Kate I look forward to seeing what you create with it :)

Misty said...

Love your papers. I have serval of them in my stash and they did not make it into my kit. So interesting how we all find different sparks to pull things!!

kate blue said...

Awesome kit!! Seems like everyone had those gorgeous yellow flowers except me@

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